Cheap Holiday Deals in Majorca 2019/2020 – Majorca late deals

Everyone like a cheap holiday deal. After all, who wants to pay any more than they have to? It’s a ‘no brainer’. The great thing about modern technology is that it gives us access to information and quickly.

Cheap holidays in Majorca 2019/2020

Screenshot from website showing cheap holidays in Majorca

Not many years ago, the situation was very different. The only way to find a cheap holiday deal was to look in the window of a travel agent. Even then, these offices were often located in the city centre. Getting the information on any given location or hotel meant rummaging through glossy pages of brochures.

Even then, the information was limited. You could not get the low-down on any place. The nearest real information came from the travel agents own ‘black book’.

Cheap holidays and how to find them

Things are so much easier now. Finding a hot Majorca deal involves merely looking on your phone, tablet or computer. The information is immediate. A simple search of Google, for example ‘cheap holidays in Majorca’ will give you a list of companies offering you what they consider to be a ‘cheap holiday’.

Well, one persons ‘cheap deal’ is another persons ‘expensive deal’. One of the most reputable companies for cheap deals is They come up tops when searching for Majorca deals and bargain holidays. For example:

  • Sol Guadalupe. 7 nights, departing 29th August. …
  • Sol Barbados. 4 nights, departing 31st August. …
  • PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort. 7 nights, departing 3rd September. …
  • Sentido Mallorca Palace. …
  • HM Gran Fiesta Hotel. …
  • BelleVue Club. …
  • Hipotels Mediterraneo. …
  • Iberostar Selection Playa de Palm.

This is just a sample of what they have available, as shown on Google search. The cheapest being BelleVue Club at 229€ per person for 7 nights. This is departing September 24th 2019. That’s not a bad deal if all you want is a quick getaway.

As always, my advice for anyone looking for a last-minute deal or bargain holiday in Majorca is to do your research. Don’t just look at the top two pages. All that does is shows you the usual suspects when it comes to Mallorca vacations. Thompsons, Tui, Easyjet and so on.

These large companies can afford large advertising budgets, the smaller ones can’t. So, search as far as page 10 and see what you can find. Quite often the best bargain holidays can be found a way down on the search engines. It is well worth the effort. Good luck.

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