Majorca low budget holiday deals 2019/2020

Majorca holidays on a low budget? Is this possible or just another sales pitch? We’ve all been reeled in at one time or another with the promise of cut-priced hotel deals, cheap flights, last-minute bargains and so on.

To be honest, I’m wary of this type of offer now. Once bitten, twice shy, or so they say. But 0one thing I have come to realise is; there are people who really do know how to get a holiday on a budget. What’ more, they are kind enough to pass on their hints and tips so we can all take advantage of these bargains.

Low budget holidays? How?

Like millions of other people, I have become a great fan of the Money Saving Expert program. I am also a big fan of the show’s website of the same name.

I was trawling the Internet looking for low budget holidays on the Costa del Sol for some friends and I came across an article on the subject written by Megan French on the Money Saving Expert website.

Meghan offers the reader 43 tips on how to have a great holiday on the Costa del Sol and not have to spend all the family savings. If it works for the Costa del Sol, then why not for Majorca?

Some of the tips offered to you are pretty much standard but there are also plenty of things you wouldn’t normally consider to help you save money. For example A free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Topics covered are Car Rental, Water Parks, how to get meals for a knockdown price, do’s and don’ts and excellent advice that will save you time, effort and money.

Please take a visit to the Money Saving Expert website, for the sake of ten minutes reading you could save your family a pretty penny whilst getting a great Costa del sol holiday.

If you follow Megan’s advice, and you have had a great holiday on a low budget, let us know and we’ll pass the good news on. If you have any of your own tips, let’s hear them.

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