What are Tapas in Mallorca? Top Ten Tapas Bars in Mallorca

Top 10 Tapas Bars in Mallorca. According to Es Prìncep log, the following are the most authentic tapas bars in Mallorca (Majorca)

  1. Can Joan Frau
  2. Bar España
  3. Bar Rita
  4. Bodega La Rambla
  5. Bar d’es Peix
  6. Bosch Bar
  7. BeeWi
  8. Gaudeix
  9. Vermutería La Rosa and La Rosa Chica
  10. The Chaflan of Patxi and Los Rafaeles

There is a fantastic article on the top ten tapas bars or top 10 ‘authentic’ tapas bars in Mallorca that you might care to read. You never know, this may become part of your Mallorca guide.

Top 10 Tapas bars in Mallorca

‘Magaluf  Sushi’ a joke that came about in a competition for best Sushi fillings. Also known as an Andalucia Sushi (or wherever you happen to be at that time)

Tapas. The history of tapas (A tapa is a top or cover) is as colourful as the Spanish food itself.

History would have it that these tasty morsels of food came about when the king of Spain (they don’t say which one) stopped off for a drink and something to eat. As there were many flies about, he was given a piece of bread to cover his glass.

This simple method did the job. It goes on to say that; over time, the bread became a little more interesting with the addition of morsels of food from the menu.

Fast forward to 2019, Nerja on the Spanish Costa del Sol. Taps are probably more popular now than ever they were. Since the kings first humble bread tapa, taps have become part of Spanish culture. It is definitely up there with Flamenco, siesta, bullfighting and whitewashed buildings.

From the very simple bread and cheese tapa to the more contemporary and aesthetic offerings, the meek ‘tapa’ has come a long way. People now go out of their way to create art from everyday food.

Tapas Trails or Tapas Runs in Mallorca

When you come and stay in Mallorca villas, hotels or apartments, you will be able to participate in a tapas trail or tapas run. It’s the same thing, just a matter of whether you prefer the more sporty ‘run’ verb to the mysterious ‘trail’ adjective.

The Ruta Martiana (Tuesday Trail) is a tapas crawl which covers the main streets of a district called Sa Gerreria, back in the day a stronghold of the island’s traditional trade guilds and now something of a party central, particularly popular with students and twentysomethings. Read more.

How it works (In most places)

Tapas runs are usually organised by the town hall or some other institution.

A list of participating bars, restaurants and cafe’s are produced and the aim is to visit each place. At each location, you choose from their top tapas.

You are furnished with a list from which you mark the best tapas. After visiting them all, your form is handed into the town hall or administrating person. The results are counted and, the top-ranking tapas will be declared the winner.

This is great for the bars and restaurants in the towns and cities. Word soon gets about that this place or the other place has the best tapas in town.

It is also not just about getting as much food and drink down you in one day. The larger competitions will be spread over two days or more, in some places, like Nerja on the Costa del Sol, for instance, the tapas route lasts for almost a month.

This gives visiting tourists the chance to participate. After all, you would have a job trying to down 20 drinks and 20 tapas and still be able to fill in your form.

tapas runs or trails are great fun and also a great social event. Nerja has several Tapas Runs. Here is a little tapas guide that you might find useful.

The 2019 tapas route and some of its participants can be found here.

If you need more information on this or other events, or, to book a villa, house or apartment in Nerja. Please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

We hope you will have a great time and enjoy your stay in beautiful Mallorca. Remember; You don’t have to wait for a Tapas Trail, you can enjoy a tapa anytime you like in Mallorca.

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