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What is this Blog all about?

I have many blogs and for many different topics. This blog I am writing will concentrate on Majorca (Mallorca) and how to have the best holidays in Majorca.

Majorca was the number 1 most searched for location on the travel search websites. he island is very popular, especially with the younger people. Mind you, the older generation and families still find Majorca a great place for a holiday.

WE have all heard of Palma de Majorca and Magaluf but there is more to the island than just those places.

Villas, Apartments, Houses for rent in Majorca

Heavily featured on this blog with the holiday accommodation available. After all, that is the first thing you book even before you book your flights. I shall be finding the very best in self-catering villas and apartments, townhouses, rural accommodation, hotels and resorts.

I will, from time to time write articles on tourist attractions, local events, the weather, bank holidays, special offers, bargains and anything else I think tourist to the island. There is so much to see and do in Majorca I will no doubt not be short of ideas.

Majorca information

Throughout the blog, I will be adding links to tourist information pages such as TripAdvisor and local government Tourist Information site.

I welcome any articles or pieces of useful information if you have any to offer. Likewise, photographs and recommendations are more than welcome.

If you have had a great experience then let people know about it. Likewise, if you had a real stinker of a holiday through no fault of your own then let others know.

The more information we can gather about Majorca, accommodations, services, restaurants, events and anything else, the better use this blog will e to others. Let’s call it your good deed for the day.

If you have the time, please check out my blog for Nerja and the Costa del Sol.

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